One year after the launch of Google Plus, the search giant has stepped its feet in iconic Apple’s pockets by launching the Google Plus application for iPad. Launched on July 10, 2012, you can the application on Apple App Store. Version 3.0 of the GPlus app is now available and it offers full support for the Apple iPad as well as the iPhone.

The new app is specifically designed with an iPad in mind. It has a magazine- esque interface. This magazine wrapper and flipper resembling outlook makes it possible to glide through large chunks of information in wee time. The feature that was earlier bordered to use only on iPhone will now be available to users of the iPad. Now users can hangout using Google+ Hangouts app on their iPads. Shared links are boxed whereas sharers parceling out information are encircled as colored icons. Comments and tallies appear in regular fashion. Photos stretch out and furl in and hover around the screen as per user’s accords. Just tap, expand and merge posts in the streams to comment upon. Drag from your stream and drop into other’s basket to re-share it. The user can also customize content within the feed by popping up the header to modify the current circle that’s feeding content into the stream. One can also streamline a Hangout from the iPad directly into a TV.

With Facebook catering to a mammoth population of 850 million people and Twitter serving 140 million, it will be a herculean task for Google to push aside these social networking giants even with sub-par mobile apps set for action.

Though Twitter feeds and Facebook posts entice users in monstrous proportions, the silver screen of the iPad makes design am important contributor to the success of the app. One week into business and Google + for iPad is already on the buzz. Whether the buzz turns cacophonous or whether it assumes arias among the crowd is yet to be discovered.