Google I/O at San Francisco has been a head turner of an event after much anticipation of what Google would or could announce. Android M was the biggest revelation of the day. Though not officially christened or launched for consumers, the developers-only-version  revealsed sweeping changes to the way we see Android.

Google Pleases Us With Android M, App Linking And Battery Saver Features At I/O ConferenceGoogle has made vital announcements about its app permissions and has made the acess to them less complex. Therefore, you can kick off the worry of saying yes to long app permission questions. All you need to do is permit an app to use a specific feature.

Chrome custom tabs were another new deal announced at the I/O Conference. With this, developers can pile up custom features that can be seen over apps. Therefore, inter-app linkage with features will now be reality. This also means quick switch over time among apps.

If the previews are to be believed, then extending battery life of Android phone in the near future will only need activation of the dozing feature. With this mode on, the motion sensor of the device will be stagnant. There has been a long list of doings from  Google that scored a hit at the developers’ conference. Watch this space for more updates trickling in.