Android does come across as the gadget geeks’ darling platform but surprisingly the industry magnate seem to lean over to iOS more than Andy. However, this tendency could be in for a toss with the Google Play Store revenues crossing the iTunes App Store mark by the end of this year!

We have reasons to believe that the Google Play revenue figures have been climbing up the ladder and has seen about 200 per cent spurt in the last quarter of the past year! Seems like Andy is all set to catch up with iOS now.

Stats speak a story that reveal 701 per cent smartphones to have chosen Android, in the year gone by. This only signals that developers could take the Android road soon enough but wait—2012 could see new entrants on the platform front too. Sailfish. Ubuntu—we hear you coming.

However, our hearts and brains know that developers sniff money more than they sniff statistics. Let’s see what this brings in for Andy!