Google Pixel Folding Phone Is On Its way

google pixel folding phone

Google is all set to enter the foldable market with its new Google Pixel folding phone. It is expected that Google will soon be launching its foldable phone by the end of this year. According to new reports, it looks like the tech giant has joined hands with Samsung for buying folding panels for new Pixel phone. Here’s everything we know about the rumoured Google Pixel Folding phone

When is Google Pixel Folding Phone Coming To India?

The company has not revealed or even confirmed anything about the foldable phone. As of now, we do not have any information about any release date. But, if rumours are to be believed, Google will be launching Pixel folding phone in e in the fourth quarter of 2021, putting it in competition with Samsung and other folding smartphones.

Google Pixel Folding Phone 1

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Google Pixel could have a folding screen to bring the fight to the Samsung Galaxy Fold. Google has a pattern of unveiling its flagship phones during ‘Made by Google’ event showcase around October. Only time will tell whether the US based company will launch the foldable Pixel phone in this event or not. However, Google has been hard at work optimising its Android operating system for the latest hardware innovations.

Expected Specifications & Features

Codenamed ‘Passport’, the Google Pixel Folding phone is expected to sport a 7.6-inch screen size, similar to the Samsung Galaxy Z Fold 2.The report also claims that the devices will come with Samsung OLED displays. There is also the possibility that Google could go for the more conventional two-panel design that Microsoft debuted with its Surface Duo. It can also opt for scrollable display seen on the upcoming LG Rollable.

Also, since Google has started taking a mid-range route for its smartphones recently, there is a good possibility that the foldable Pixel phone would also come with mid-range specs.

Google Foldable Price

Google Pixel Folding Phone 2

Google has not released any official statement about launching a foldable phone. Google said last year that it is thinking about foldable phones. Mario Queiroz, the former Google executive responsible for managing company’s Pixel division, told Business Insider in May 2019, “Just folding your phone, that’s interesting, and turning it into a tablet, there’s some incremental benefit to it, but it’s not like that breakthrough thing where you say, ‘Wow this is something that’s very different.”

While we are still not sure about the Google Foldable price, we are pretty sure it would not be cheap. all of the foldable devices released so far have been priced over a $1000. Keeping this in mind, we expect new Google Pixel folding phone to be priced over $1000.

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