Google Pixel Buds Translate over 40 Languages, Shipping Begins

Google launched its first ever pair of premium wireless headphones known as Google Pixel Buds in October. The wireless earbuds priced at $159 are now out for shipping. Headphones are known for their incredible potential to translate around 40 languages in a most natural way. Let’s find out the amazing features that the Google earbuds offers.

Great sound quality

Being earbuds, good sound quality is what one will expect. Not to worry, the sound quality of the first ever wireless headphones by Google is just great. In fact, it is designed for a great sound that can deliver clear sound and deep bass. All kind of music comes out incredible on them.

Touch to control

The new wireless headphones are pretty easy to control. You just need to tap to start and stop the music. Volume can be changed by simply sliding forward and backward.

Uses Google Assistance

The earbuds can also connect you to your Google Assistance. However, for this purpose, you need to pair them with Google Pixel 2. Once you will pair headphones with the Pixel 2, they will instantly connect you to Google Assistance. Now, you can ask Google Assistance to perform a series of activities that may include playing music, texting, reading notifications, navigation and reading messages.

A personal translator

No doubt, the Google Pixel Buds are your  personal natural translator with an ability to translate around 40 different languages of the world. The device is powered by Machine Learning.

Pocket charging

The buds come with pocket-size charging case that can power the headphones for up to 5 hours with a single charge. The earbuds come in three different colors: White, Blue and Black.
Watch the video of Google event held in October 2017.

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