Google Photos Update Makes Sharing Easier

Google Photos Update

Google Photos UpdateGoogle Photos has received a new update and it’s easy to get hooked to it this time. With the new update, Google has really pushed the envelope as it allows friends and family to add pictures to your albums.

This is the biggest update Google Photos has received in a long time. The new features allow you to share photos with friends and family in a jiffy. Lets take a detailed look at how one can share albums on this new platform. Once you click pictures and put them together in an album, you will be able to share it with others.

Friends and family with whom who have shared the album will have the option to follow album updates. When someone adds a picture to the album, members will receive a notification. More so, they can add pictures to the album as well. In this manner, the latest Google Photos works more like a digital photo book where you can interact with people through your photos. 

The new update also lets you label the name of the people. What I like here is that it lets you have your privacy. The labels can only be seen by the person adding the pictures.

You can now also broadcast images as Google Photos has been connected to Chromecast. All you need is a Wi-Fi network.

Google seems to be heading for a lot of new things. First the logo was changed and now this update. where you don’t need to attach and send photos anymore. One can simply share the album.