Storing photographs on Google Photos has become an easy way to treasure memories in their digital format forever. Though the app works splendidly on the Android operating system, there might be the chance you want to discontinue using it. For those who have tried doing that, there has been a challenge. Once the app is installed on the device, it is not enough to delete it because it keeps uploading photos even after that.

GG1- next version of Google Glass is on the wayGoogle Photos uploads images on its  own

The editor of Nashville Business Journal David Arnott recently reported the anomaly on his phone after he found that photos are getting uploaded even though he deleted the app a few months back. According to reports, Arnott decided to try the app once again and it was then he discovered that the app he has already deleted is uploading the photos on its own.

Though this initially appears to be an anomaly, it is actually not so as the settings of the app are related to the Google Settings of the phone. Therefore, users who do not want their photos to be uploaded via Google Photos need to visit Google settings and turn off “Google Photo Backup”. 

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