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Google Pay ‘Go India’ Game Launched

Keeping the festive spirit alive, Google Pay ‘Go India’ game is now live for both Android and iOS users. The online game requires Google Pay users to virtually travel all the cities in India by collecting tickets and kilometers. Once the users complete this task, they will be crowned as they manage to do so, they will be crowned as the ‘Go India Champion’ and will be eligible to get a cash reward up to Rs 501.

How to play Google Pay ‘Go India’?

To play Google Pay ‘Go India’ game, users will need tickets to different cities like New Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, Hyderabad, and more. Once the player has collected the tickets, it will allow the users to unlock the city region and travel and collect a reward. Along with the tickets, users are also required to travel kilometers so that they can make the virtual journey in their virtual car. 

Google Pay ‘Go India’

For those who want to play the ‘Go India’ Google Pay game, it is required that you make regular UPI transactions to gain tickets or kilometers. Users can also gain tickets by sharing their Go India photos or map. There are other ways of earning a ticket or kilometers including recharging a prepaid mobile phone, Pay for Google Play recharge, paying bills, or buying gold, or paying for MakeMyTrip.

How to enter the ‘Go India’ Game?

  • To begin playing, users will be required to open the Google Pay app and tap on the ‘Enter Game’ option on the top. 
  • To earn kilometers, Users will have to log in to the Go India game to get a free morning gift every day, pay friends, transfer money to a bank account, pay to a UPI ID, gift a city ticket, or share a Go India photo or map. 
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  • It will also provide the total number of cities in a specific region once they visit a city in the region. 
  • The game also has a lot of fun elements such as quizzes and virtual cultural events inside of the game, where participants will get a chance to win scratch cards worth Rs 100, or kilometers or city travel tickets.

Remember, if you want to win the Google India Champion reward, then it is important for you to visit all the 30 cities in the game by 25 November 2020. Also, in every 5th city that you visit, you will be provided with the option to choose from a range of merchant vouchers. You will also get surprise vouchers along the way. You will have to choose one voucher to proceed further in the game which will stay in your rewards channel. Do not forget to check its expiry date to get merchant discounts.

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