Latest leaks of the upcoming Google Nexus smartphones seem to reveal the specifications of the new handset. This is a recently-leaked image of the Huawei handset and has stirred quite an interest on the web.

Google Nexus smartphone image leaked- Leak confirms LG and Huawei as manufacturer of upcoming handsetHuawei smartphone image leaked

The image of Google Nexus that was posted by Google+ user Tissen Fu indicates the phone may have the camera on a bump, which stretches through the total panel width. Apart from the placement of the camera on the top-left side, the picture also revealed a dual-LED flash module. This has been reported in some earlier leaks as well. The new leaked image confirms earlier reports that suggested the phone may have front-facing speakers and a fingerprint sensor.

 LG smartphone named “Bullhead”

While Fu has revealed leaked images of the Huawei phone, an employee of Google revealed images of the LG Nexus smartphone in his Google+ account. Though the image did not provide a lot of details on the specifications of the phone, it indicates that the handset would come with a 5MP camera.

This is not all, TechTastic has claimed the phone will be named “Bullhead” instead of LG-made Nexus. However, we will have to wait to hear from the makers for confirmation on all these details.