Google Nexus 4 is back in town and the Germans have opened their arms to its homecoming. However, before you shirk up your nose if it would be available for the US market, here is some real good news. The Nexus 4 is all ready to be available on Google Play Stores in USA and the cherry of the cake comes with Canada being added to the list of markets that could avail the wonder gadget.


A week or two—that could be all the waiting time reserved for the Nexus to be procured at the Play Store in Canada and USA. Given that heavy demand led to a supposed stock dip, the Nexus is out to woo the world once again. Now Google has rested the blame on LG for the shortage saga.


For us though—we ware eagerly waiting to get hands back on the toy as soon as we can. Just that we wish it came with capacity for 4G LTE connectivity. But maybe good things come with waiting, what say?