With Christmas just a few weeks away, there are many gadgets which you could consider as a gift for the occasion of Christmas.  Ranging from smartphones, tablets, headphones to gaming consoles as well as laptops, the options are just limitless.

Below here are listed some of the best renowned gadgets that you can gift this holiday season:

As per the High Tech Home, you can go for Google Chromebook laptop. It is not only a great gadget gift but also an affordable one, marked at $199 only. The Chromebook is the one of the best modern gadget presents that any modern gadget love can purchase from Google. The online shopping portal, Amazon also offers the best deal online when you are looking for one.

And, as per Belfast Telegraph UK, the iPad Mini 2 will also not be ignored. The smaller version of iPad may look small in size but surely possesses the ability to render a full iPad experience. it comes with an impressive display precisely for its Retina spec, a larger battery life which offers usage of 10 hours and a speed faster and better than the other mini tabs of its range.

 When talking about gaming consoles, PS4 and Xbox One cannot be left. The Xbox One comes with voice control and Kinect camera spec to give you a batter gaming experience. You can also stream videos and movies via it and see it on the TV. On the contrary, PS4 is a faster and smarter gaming console that collaborates well with the social networking sites. It provides several games that make the overall gaming experience interactive and magnificent.

Guardian recommended tablets as the best gift for Christmas this year. The list includes Nexus 7, Microsoft Surface Pro 2, Kindle Fire HDX 7and more. The other Christmas presents for 2013 include Jambox wireless speaker, Sandisk Wireless media drive and more.