The tablet war is raging fiercer by the day. With every minute being clocked, the countdown to analyze the lord of the tabs is dawning near. With warriors, powerful as the Google Nexus 7, Lenovo Think Pad Tablet 2 and IPad 4 on field, the pitch is indeed set very tight.

  • Beginning with choosing between the ThinkPad and Nexus, the display from Lenovo comes at 149 ppi– about 45 percent lesser than the 216 ppi that Google Nexus comes armed with. Add to this, the Nexus also features USB support for streaming and storing data files on another system. The ThinkPad draws a blank on this aspect.
  •  Near-field-communication becomes possible with the Nexus while the Lenovo offering fails to provide this convenience to loyalists.
  • Nexus also comes loaded with a cellular model that supports remote collection of data.
  • On the physical part too, Google has come up with a tablet that is 61.7 millimeter narrower than the ThinkPad. It takes little effort to carry 340 grams on your shoulder as compared to the Lenovo ThinkPad that weighs 730 grams.
  • Performance-wise, with longer battery life, and faster clock speed for the CPU, the Nexus is the next big thing that successfully diverts queues for the ThinkPad tablet.
  •  The Nexus tab with its Adobe support, free navigation software, and a higher Ram capacity of 1 GB notch up further points. Lenovo offers 0.5 GB RAM only!

Can Apple keep Lenovo away?

Between the first two contenders, we pick the Nexus as our favorite. However, has it got ample in it to vanquish the Apple Ipad 4? Check out for yourself.

The Ipad comes with 768 x 1024 pixel resolution—before you go wow—note—this is about 31 percent less than what the ThinkPad offers. In addition, the Lenovo tab comes at 10.1 inches– suitably bigger than the Ipad screen of 9.7 inches. Of course, the Lenovo tablet is sturdier than the Apple Ipad, thanks to the Corning® Gorilla® Glass used. With a micro-slot, an HDMI input slot, and a faster upload speed, the Lenovo gadget is a better bet than the Ipad 4.

An End Note

If you have been in two minds about buying a Lenovo or an Apple, then the former is a wiser crack. If you still hunt for a better choice over this, the Google Nexus 7 smoothly surpasses Lenovo with enough points in its kitty.