google nexus 7 vs ipad 5 screen size battery life The war between Nexus 7 and iPad 5 has heated up and both the devices are some of the most exciting gadgets available today.

Screen size of Google Nexus 7 and iPad 5

The Kindle Fire HDX as well as Nexus 7 come with a 7-inch display and high pixel resolution of 1920 x1200 pixels. At the same time, the Google Nexus 7 comes provides users with a Gorilla Glass covering for protection of the display. Speaking about brightness, the 531 lux of Nexus 7 won from the 480 lux of Fire HDX. However, the screen of Fire HDX looked better.

Battery Life of Google Nexus 7 and iPad 5

Amazon has made a claim that its new release Kindle Fire HDX battery life will be around 11 hours. It is well programmed to shut down the components that are not in use and extend the time duration of the device to 17 hours. While web surfing, the HDX worked for 8hrs 32min, somewhat similar to Nexus 7 that offers 8hours 31minutes. Nexus 7 offered continuous 9 hours of video steaming and won as a winner.

Overall, both the gadgets are similar and hold on quite long with just a single charge.