Cyber Monday is finally here and gadget buyers are storming cyberspace in hordes to pick the best deal on smartphones this season. With the national mania, that Cyber Monday has instigated. Here is a roundup of the top smartphones to grab this day.

  • Nexus 7 – The Nexus 7 was talk of the town only some time back and is all set to be lopped up at an amazing discount today from leading online retailers. The 16 GB Nexus is hot on the list of go-get phones for Cyber Monday. Punched with its thinner, faster tagline, the Nexus 7 is indeed made for all that matters. With 7 inches of screen size, this lightweight device keeps users glued with its vibrancy and sharpness.  The quad-core Qualcomm Snapdragon™ S4 Pro processor and RAM of 2 GB take care to ensure that the faster promise is no joke.
  • HTC One Max- Aptly designed for users who are demanding. The HTC One Max lives up to its name by offering the most of everything—from a hulk of screen to woofed up speakers. Down to a superb battery—the phone sizzles with its maximized features. And yes if you are looking for a great smartphone to pick this Cyber Monday, the HTC One Max is an ideal bet.
  • Moto X- A wonder device if you are looking to shop for a phone that responds to you voice as if it were human. Yes, the Moto X offers hordes of salivating features—from wrist-twist-camera mode to a pumped up battery life! A smartphone that is touch less boasts a 10-MP rear clicker. Of course, it works seamlessly in low light too.

 Make your mind up and grab one of these darlings now. The countdown has begun!