If you have your eyes set on the 16GB version of Google’s newest tablet, then you may have to wait for a while as Nexus 7 has gone out of stock.For the coming week ,the drool worthy tablet will remain available at the Google Play Store, especially its 16 GB version. All those who are interested in buying the tablet are requested to leave their e-mail ids so that the they can be informed about the availability of the tablet

The reason that more and more people are grabbing the  16GB version is that even at the price of $199, the Nexus 7 does not have option of expandable memory. Nexus 7 has been presented to people as a product that they can use to maintain the work and life balance. The tablet is especially meant for watching movies, reading, and having access to work files that are stored in the cloud. And,  people who wish to do all this on their tablet are want playing safe by going for the 16GB version

Nexus 7  only works  with Wi-Fi and has no additional port for any kind of external cellular network, there are possibilities that this may affect  the soaring sales of Nexus 7.  But Google has very smartly tried to cover this drawback in its first commercial for the tablet.

The commercial features a father and son, who are shown camping. The add displays all the features of tablet where the father son duo are seen using the tablet as a flashlight, a book reader, a compass, a mini-movie screen, a nature guide and a checkerboard on a rainy day.

Before it strikes you that Nexus 7 is only Wi-Fi, the commercial comes to an end reveals that all the fun happened in the backyard of the home with the help of the family router.

With this commercial Google has emphasized on the fact the Wi-Fi  doesn’t mean that the  all the fun with the tablet is only possible indoors.The company has tried to smartly cover up the loopholes in its latest offering.

Nevertheless, it has been noted that all these drawbacks have not stopped people from buying their new Google Nexus 7 tablet.