Apple 2014 is rumoured to stand against new Nexus 6. The scarce details haven’t stopped the designers from drafting new concepts of two stunning releases.


For last 5 years, Google and Apple have constantly released flagship phones. And this year, Nexus 6 and Apple iPhone 6 will cross paths with one another. Nexus 6 could be designed by Lenovo. Given the top specs of both the gadgets, both will give neck to neck competition. It comes with metallic design measuring 6.1mm thin. The display will be 5.1inches.


Wall Street Journal listed that the device will 4.5inch as well as 5+inches screen. The top notch specs include Touch ID. The Google Nexus 6 will ring the arrival bells in 2014. Google has decked up Nexus 6 will solid design, great specs and low price tags.


As per Deviantart user StonGreen reveals Nexus 6 could come with metallic design like Xperia and big edge to edge screen. Google might take the Apple approach too. Google will release Nexus 6 in the latter part of 2014 while iPhone 6 will release in the summer or autumn. Thus, we’ll see iPhone 6 first before the Nexus 6. Analyst will continue making their predictions till the official announcement has been made.