Google Nexus 6 release round up

The smartphone market has heated up with GS5 arrival, and now Google is working for its flagship series, Google Nexus 6

Predictions state that Google desires its device stand in competition to Samsung and Apple. With GS5 all set to come out in April and Apple to make September debut, Google desires to uncage its Nexus number in May or June as per the I/O Developers Conference.

With the scheduled release of Nexus 6, Google can focus on packing the device with attractive specs that could make it a worthy rival of S5 and iPhone 6

The device is said to come with impressive display with muscle graphic engine which will offer 2K resolution. Speaking about the processor, with 64-bit coming in iPhone 6 and GS4, Google is left with no other option but to equip Nexus 6 with similar power supply and rely on Exynosocta core processor technique.

Nexus 6 is said to boasts of robust safety measures such as fingerprint scanner, iris reader and biometric security specs. and regardless of so many insane features, Nexus 6 is yet expected to be affordable than its counter mates 

and should un on Vanilla Android OS