Amid much pre-launch buzz and launch furor, the Moto X is seeing a dip in sales. So much so that Motorola has decided to lengthen the 70 dollars sale offer on all models of the Moto X. This is a gimmick to attract more buyers, given the poor performance that the X accounted for.

With the ongoing price slash, the Moto X 16 GB variant is priced at 329 dollars while the 32 GB model comes for 379 dollars only.

With this unanticipated poor performance in sales, we are left depressed on the quality of the upcoming Google smartphone. We expect the giants to launch the new phone soon. Probably, the Nexus 6 too can see unveiling way ahead of the anticipated date.

A report from IBT Times says, “The Nexus 6 could come with a release date following in the immediate weeks, most likely bearing the Android 4.5, some high-end components on the inside and a reasonable pricing.”