It has been reported that Google is presently working on Google Nexus 6, which will be launched as its flagship smartphone of 2014. This move by the company is to compete head-to-head with its competitors – Samsung and Apple.

It is believed that Samsung is scheduled to show the preview of its Galaxy S5 on February 24; however, analysts say that the actual launch is not going to happen until March or April. On the other hand, Apple is reportedly planning to launch its first phablet, the iPhone 6, in September, which actually is keeping with the tech giant’s release calendar.

So, the best period for Google to launch its flagship device will be mid-part of Q3 2014 i.e. May or June, but the whole planning actually depends on when the company is planning to stage its yearly I/O Developers Conference.

Meanwhile, Google is required to focus on advanced features that will make its flagship smartphone worthy and will also make it a strong competitor of iPhone 6 and the Galaxy S5.

Apart from advanced security features, big screen size, high megapixel camera, advanced processor and RAM, Google must keep the price tag at much affordable level in order to make the Android phone all the more irresistible.