Nexus 6 release date: is it a better buy than nexus 5

Google recently released its 5th gen LG Nexus 5 at the MWC last month was applauded for its interesting design and processing power.

That has given Android lovers some hope and they are now eagerly waiting for the all-new avatar of Nexus series, the Nexus 6 smartphone.

Compared to other models launched at the MWC, Nexus 5 had advantages in terms of price offering and uncompromising specs.

LG and Google define the norms of specifications and performance with the release of Nexus 5. Google is all set to launch the latest Nexus 6 smartphone after 4 months. Though Nexus 5 emerged as a great invention from Google and undoubtedly, the Nexus 6 should take their sales a notch higher because of the features it is expected to come with.

Nexus 6 is expected to come with 16nm scale chipsets that would accompany an octa-core processor to render unbeatable performance. This means Nexus 6 will surely be a better buy in comparison to Nexus 5.

Release Date of Nexus 6

People await the release of this amazing device in the last week of October 2014, although nothing been officially announced yet. However, there are also signs that Google might release Nexus 6 early in the 2nd quarter rather than in the 3rd quarter.