Google_Nexus 6 release dateIf a recent spate of rumors is to be believed, then the next-gen Nexus 6 smartphone from Google may be developed by Lenovo and not LG, as it was earlier believed to be. Only a few days ago, Google sold the Motorola unit to Lenovo for $2.91 billion, possibly close to the Google Nexus 6 release date. Though it has not been confirmed whether Lenovo will manufacture the Nexus 6, but the recent developments are surely suggesting towards that development. However, the list of potential Nexus 6 manufacturers is still open.

Lenovo has not tasted a lot of success outside China, which is their home market. Thus, it also remains to be seen whether Lenovo will be Motorola’s expertise to develop a device that stands true to the reputation and fame of the Nexus line. A Google representative has also revealed that the Nexus 6 might be the last of the Nexus device from the tech giant, while the manufacturing partner remains unknown.

The Lenovo-Google deal came in last week. Motorola Mobility has since been transferred to Lenovo. Rumors of an impending retirement of Nexus line came as shocking to many. The Nexus portfolio has been immensely successful for Google. On completion of the acquisition, Lenovo will emerge as third biggest smartphone vendor.

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