Nexus 6 release may happen for real. The recent reports suggest that Nexus 5 has proven to be profitable for Google and the success of the phone will trigger Nexus 6 release. 

Google chief financial officer Patrick Pichette revealed in his quarterly report that Nexus 5 has given great profits to the company. In word of Pichette, “We had great momentum on the Nexus 5 and Chromecast.”

Though there is no official confirmation from the company regarding the release of Nexus 6, but the success of Nexus 5 has definitely put ‘Nexus Device Discontinuation’ rumors at the back burner.

After Google’s silence on Nexus 10 2 release, rumors started swirling that the company has decided to stop production of Nexus devices however, now it seems that Nexus 6 will see the light of the day.

According to reports by Motoring, “ Since LG assembled Nexus 5 there are chances LG G3 could be the base for the Nexus 6 and the phone could hit the market in May. Apparently, a South Korean source has told the website this that LG ‘s intention in manufacturing Nexus 6 is to beat Galaxy S5, which is also rumored to release in month of May.

It seems LG is gearing up to bring some solid specs in Nexus 6. Let us know your thoughts.