Google chief official Patrick Pichette has stated that the LG-crafted Nexus 5 sales have been going quite strong. The Nexus 5 has been rising to great heights and puts Google at par with Apple and Samsung sales.

LG has recently signaled that the Google partnership was fruitful for the company, significant enough to make the South Korean company the third leading manufacturer in the smartphone market. And if the device has brought so much success to LG and Google, then an advanced replacement in 2014 will be automatic. The rosy signs from Google take away from rumors that the complete Nexus line could be undergoing a retirement treatment. However, this plan will commence from 2014 and attain completion in 2015.

According to tech blogger Eldar Murtazin, Nexus 6 will probably be the last release from Google and the manufacturer is still unknown. However, Google made a Google-Lenovo merger last week. The amalgamation will transform these bonding between two parties – as predicted by analysts that the new Nexus series will be designed under Lenovo with the express efforts of Google. Lenovo’s Motorola acquisition has led the company to produce Nexus 6 as now the latter company takes complete charge of worldwide distribution. 

The Nexus 6 was rumored to stay under LG shed to yet to be released LG G 2 Pro released as its base version. The Nexus 6 launch date is likely to be around June 2014.