Google Nexus 6 release date and display leaked, could debut in August

The release of S5 has brought a stir in the smartphone world and now Google is all set to release its flagship release of Google Nexus 6 soon. The perception states that Google wants to attract all the attention while standing in competition to Samsung and Apple. Samsung previewed the GS5 on the 24th of Feb, but there is no roll out till March or April. Apple on the contrary, desires to release iPhone 6 in September.

Thus a good place for Google to release the Nexus 6 is in the mid of 3rd quarter of 2014 with a warm uncloaking event. The best time would be May or June for Nexus depending on the event of I/O Developers Conference. Google will settle with specs somewhere between Galaxy S5 and iPhone 6

 Nexus 6 boasts of 6-inch screen and to match the impressive display, Google adds a 2k resolution to it. The 2K resolution is that standard for 2014 as Google S5 and iPhone 6 deliver similar screen resolution. Apple released the 64-bit computing power and Samsung too revealed that the GS5 will follow similar rules. Thus, Google has no other option left, but to follow the suit and apply 64-bit chip to power Nexus 6. Hence Nexus will continue functioning on the Exynos Octa processor.

 Apple and Samsung both have included Touch ID and Nexus flagship will boasts of high security measures to the users such as fingerprint scanner and lastly the Vanilla Android OS will make Nexus 6 all the demanding.