Google nexus 6 leaked specs: To have same features as LG G3

We have rummaged through news sources about the specifications of the new LG G3 have been leaked and it looks like we will know what to expect on the Google Nexus 6.

LG has gradually moved up a few notches in a market that has largely been dominated by Apple and Samsung; their flagship smart phone, the LG G2 has done well in sales and is compatible with the major US carriers.

Since Nexus 5 was based on the LG G2 designs; if LG is chosen to be the new manufacturer of the Nexus 6, it is possible that their LG G3 will be similar to the Nexus 6.

A Dutch based web site had released leaked information about the LG G3 specifications, which include a 5.5 inch screen, an Octa Core Media Tek processor. The 64 bit processor will be manufactured by LG but will have an Octa Core chip from Media Tek.

It is rumored that the Nexus 6 will have a finger print scanner as seen on Samsung’s Galaxy S5 and the iPhone 5S. Other reports have stated that it may have features like water resistance and dust proof body.