Motorola’s Moto X, Apple iPhone 5S and Google Nexus 5Tech giants seem to have finally realised that people want low cost smartphones – without having to compromise on the experience. Almost everyone has a smartphone these days and the battle of the low cost smartphones is heating up with some pretty amazing devices in the offing. Google Nexus phones have always been low cost and pretty good to boot! It would seem that Apple has finally decided to please the masses with its upcoming iPhone 5S and Motorola, under Google’s tutelage, have finally made a phone in the Moto X.

The only question remains is which of these is going to be the best? All of them have their pros and cons. The Moto X doesn’t have the fastest processor or best features but its pixel density at 316pi is more than sufficient and it allows a degree of customization unheard of with phones – 18 different colours for the back and front and also choices for its metal accents like the power buttons and volume control! Users can also have personalised messages printed at the back cover of the phone. With a contract price of $199 for the 16GB variant and $249 for the 32GB it’s pretty well priced too. The Apple iPhone 5S is rumoured to have a contract price of $99, which is pretty cheap for an iPhone. Definitely in the middle of the three when it comes to specs, it’s supposed to have all the features of the iPhone 5 and run the latest Apple iOS 7. The Google Nexus 5 will most likely win the specs battle hands down. The fastest processor and the best camera – it will most likely be priced in the $299 range. But Google hasn’t even confirmed a manufacturer as of yet!

In conclusion, the battle of low cost smartphones is heating up – we just need to wait and see how hot the rest of the champions (read smartphones) will be!