Once upon a time, we got to know of new devices and their names only when their makers announced the products or launched it. But now, thanks to the internet, we hear speculations and rumors about successive products well before any official word on them come out. often times, we discuss about the devices and give them names even before the companies talk about them – like in the case of the Lumia 928, which only got confirmed by Nokia a couple of days ago.

So how is it that we in the tech community have become so good at predicting or finding out the names of the successors so accurately? Thanks to the internet, information ends up leaking out pretty easy, and before you know it, what was discussed among a select few comes out in the open for all of us to learn about.

Take for instance the Xbox 720. Just because we’re calling the successor of the Xbox 360 so doesn’t necessarily mean Microsoft will follow suit, although the name does make sense logically. According to the latest speculation, the device could possibly be called Xbox Infinity or even Xbox Fusion.

And then we get down to the Nexus 5. Now, the Nexus 4 was called so thanks to its 4-inch screen. But by that logic, will the next Nexus smartphone, what we call the Nexus 5, sport a 5-inch display? The most recent rumors suggest that the Nexus 4’s successor could feature a 4.5-inch display, so will Google call it the Nexus 4.5, or something entirely different?

Even as we talk about the next version of Android, we ought to clarify that Google hasn’t officially named it so. It’s just based on a feeling we have that the next Android could have a name starting with K.

Guess we’ll just have to wait to see if the rumor mills have been right about these new technologies, like it has been in the case of the Lumia 928.