Friday, June 14, 2024

Google Nexus 5 vs Apple iPhone 6 vs Samsung Galaxy S5: Fantastic Phones Lined Up, Which One of Them Would Triumph?

We knew Google was working on the Nexus 5, which is also being called the Motorola X, a smartphone that’s entirely Google – inside and out. While we were expecting Google to launch this device later this month, we then heard that it could be delayed. And now  that it has delayed we, won’t be surprised if it rubs shoulder with upcoming Apple iPhone 6 and rumored Samsung Galaxy S5.  We also hear that it could be offered exclusively on AT&T, priced similar to the Nexus 4.

It could be offered on other carriers from November onwards, possibly to balance the supply with demand. The Nexus 4 was a fantastic phone which was sold out almost immediately after its launch. This strategy could possibly help Google manage the supply of the Nexus 5 better.

We’re still not sure what exactly the phone will be named – some of the names we’ve come across are Google X, Nexus 5 and Motorola X. Whatever it will be called, in all likelihood, it will be the first smartphone to run on Android 5.0 Key Lime Pie. Maybe we can hear more about this phone or the latest Android OS during the Google I/O event?

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