Google Nexus 5 has been brought in market too counter Apple’s new offering, Apple iPhone 5S. But does Nexus 5 has strong enough features to kill Apple iPhone 5, let’s take look:

Apple iPhone 5S is loaded with A7 which has made for faster mobile computing experience where as LG Nexus 5 sports a quad-core Snapdragon 800 chip has the speed upto 2.3GHz. What gives Nexus 5 an edge above Apple iPhone 5S is its extra 2 GB Ram which makes working on Nexus 5 a breeze.

To maintain its high definition display, Google Nexus is loaded Adreno 330 graphic workhorse.

Google Nexus 5 has far better display than Apple iPhone 5S. According to Ibtimes, “ Google Nexus 5 has a 1080p display resolution which has  pixel density of 440ppi as compared to pixel density  326 ppi of Apple iPhone 5S.”

 Another edgy factor of Google Nexus 5 is that it has 5-inch screen which makes it a phablet in front of 4-inch display of Apple iPhone 5S.

Google Nexus 5 has enhanced its internet activity by incorporating the LTE capability where is Apple has still not considered bringing LTE capabilities to its devices.

The major factor here is price, Google Nexus 5  (unlocked) starting price is $350 where is Apple iPhone 5S starts at the price of $200 on contract basis.