When LG released the LG G2 smartphone, it caused a lot of confusion – it seemed a likely template for the new Google Nexus 5, but wait, hadn’t LG actually said that they won’t be making the device? A new leak suggests that Motorola will make the Google Nexus 5. This leak is from a trusted insider, Taylor Wimberly whole has previously been very accurate when it comes to information regarding Motorola.

Wimberly stated that Motorola will be releasing a Nexus phone in the fourth quarter of this year. He was also pretty clear that the phone will not be a Moto X Google Play edition. Many have speculated about the specifications of the Google Nexus 5. According to rumours we can expect a 5 inch Full HD screen display with an eight-core Snapdragon processor mated to 3GB of LPDDR3 RAM. It will most likely have a 13MP rear camera. Expect a battery of at least 3300mAh, and the latest Android OS – possibly the 4.3 but maybe even the 5.0 Lime Key Pie. 16GB, 32GB and 64GB variants will probably be available and all of them will support 4G LTE connectivity.

Wimberly’s leak suggests Motorola will make the Google Nexus 5 and that it will be released by the final quarter of this year – whether it can like up to the expectations created by the Nexus 4 is yet to be seen.