google nexus 5 asus motorola mobilityOnce again, a Nexus device has been delayed. This time it’s the Nexus 5, but this time before even going into production. According to an LG Electronics executive, makers of the hugely successful Nexus 4, they will not be making the new device. LG and Google were at loggerheads because of slow production of the device and LG Mobile Vice President Won Kim in Europe has stated that LG does not need such a marketing success again.  Most consider that Google will want Motorola or Asus to be the manufacturer.  

Who will manufacture the Google Nexus 5?

There are two likely contenders – Asus, which is making the Nexus 7 tablet and Motorola Mobility, Google’s newly owned subsidiary. The Nexus 7 has been well received and it would seem like a prudent choice for Google to bank on that success. Then again, Google owns Motorola Mobility and it would make sense to give the production of what could be a best-selling phone to a wholly owned subsidiary company. The thing is, there have been rumors about Motorola releasing a smartphone called the Moto X.

All we know for sure is that most likely that Google will want Motorola or Asus to be the manufacturer.