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Google Nexus 5 Android 4.4.1 KitKat Update Is Here: Easy Way To Update Nexus 5 To Android 4.4.1

1175515_520929347989676_759599250_nRight after the release of Google Nexus 5 and the Android Kitkat 4.4, another new update of Android 4.4.1 has been made. The released update has been done to check out the camera spec of Nexus 5. The speculated advancement are better capturing speed and enhanced autofocus.

 As for the present, people who cannot wait for the update can download the Google’s official file. For the users who don’t know the right way to flash file for the Google Nexus 5, the process is similar to that of Nexus tablet. The basics and guides for flashing Nexus tablets are mentioned below, same steps are to be followed for Nexus 5


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  • A comprehensive Nexus device running on the Android version 4.4 Kitkat
  • Recent Android SDK launched
  • OTA packs
  • Check the break to know the complete manual updating procedure


  1. Transmit the pack of Google in the Android SDK podium tool folder on the system, but don’t unzip it
  2. On your Nexus, open settings, select Development Options and open the toggle. Now open the Debugging segment in the menu option and on the USB debugging
  3. Switch off the Nexus 5
  4. Commence the bootloader by holding the volume control and power button on the Nexus 5
  5. The moment menu loads, connect your computer and Nexus device
  6. Make use of the Recovery Mode and then press the power button
  7. Now wait till the time red exclamation with Android mark to come. Hold the power button and press the volume up. This shall bring you to the recovery menu.
  8. Now use the volume control to select the apply update from ADB alternatives. Make use of power button to make your selection
  9. Switch on the terminal window or the command option on the computer
  10. Make use of the command file to steer via the Android SDK/platform-tools folder

 On Mac, type: ./adb-mac sideload .

On Linux, type:  ./adbsideload . 

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On Windows, type: adb.exe sideload .

With this, the update shall start installation. Once completed, select reboot system


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