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Google Nexus 10 Vs Apple iPad Mini : Nexus More Scalable And Secure, Says Google Chairman

Google’s Big Tent Event, being organized in India– has got the Chairman Eric Schmidt thinking. His views on his competitors Amazon, Blackberry and the invincible Apple are indeed many.

When asked about his views on Blackberry and the other companies, Schmidt replied that he was a Blackberry user and liked its keyboard. He also added that Blackberry was facing trouble and Amazon was placed in a much better position than the Canadian giant.

According to the Google bigwig, Amazon has surpassed all expectations and had showcased its ability to change its marketing and distribution strategies. He also opined that Amazon’s role as an important business partner was undisputable and they had the capacity of competing with their search engine.

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It was a treat to hear Google’s chairman have amicable views about its largest rival. His opinions had a complimentary tone as he praised the achievements of Apple and perceived them as creative innovators in the field. He was quite confident of Cupertino’s status and did not see it going anywhere very soon.

In his opinion, Apple made good products but he found the iPad mini too small when compared to their regular iPad. He also had expectations from the Google Nexus 10 tablet—which was more scalable and secure and boasted of many apps.


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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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