314191_291772190923888_1095826151_nGoogle is entangling us in an all-too-long wait with its delay for Nexus 10 release. Seriously, are we that hungry for the 10-incher tab when an Apple is within reach?

I am now in a no-care mode after rumors of Cyber Monday and Black Friday release for the Google Nexus 10 remained a fantasy. With the Apple iPad Air on track, why would I wait for a Nexus this long? I admit that the latter might prove be a gem at a pocktable price (courtesy-Nexus 7). However, the sighs are getting longer than the excitement. Even the Google Play Store listings for Nexus 10 have vanished in thin Air. Perhaps the pun is intended!

The million-dollar question is—What’s making Google goof up the release game this hard? Is the Nexus 10 a mere fabrication? Are we set to see a Nexus 8 or 9-incher instead? Or is this a gimmick only Goggle understands?

For me, it is clearly the Apple iPad Air for lapping up right now. We wait and watch for the Nexus 10 truck to arrive.