6990_170413679749616_612986083_nWell the wait for the Google Nexus 10 is getting amazingly long now. Just when we convinced ourselves that the Nexus 10 is being scrapped in favor of a Google Nexus 8 or 9-inch tab, here is news that has ruffled us up again. We now hear that the Nexus 10 2 is indeed set to debut at the Mobile World Congress 2014.

A tweet leak of the supposed Nexus 10 2 has gone viral and has pointed to buzz that it is ASUS that is behind its making. In fact, this @evleaks leak might be genuine given that the source has pointed to accurate leaks previously.

However, we are skeptical since ASUS and Google had more than a tiff over producing the Nexus 7 sometime back. If the second generation Nexus 10 actually comes into the mortal world, here is what it could be packed with:

  • Tegra 4 chip processor
  • 2560 x 1600 resolution
  • Adreno 330 GPU
  • Qualcomm Snapdragon 800 chipset
  • 10-inch display
  • 8 megapixel shutter

 It will run on the latest KitKat 4.4 OS while being available in both 32 GB and 16 GB variants.

 With the 2014 MWC set to take place in Barcelona in February, we expect that Google will utilize the run up to the event to the fullest.

 Oh what’s more is that Google is planning a Nexus TV too. Akin to a set top box—yes– minus any broadcast responsibilities—this is mere buzz though and only February will tune us into the real picture.