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Google Nexus 10 2 Release To Give Some Fierce Competition To Apple iPad Air?


  • Design:

iPad Air is undoubtedly one of the lightest tablets around. It has a very slim and a light profile, with 24% volume reduced compared to the previous tablet version. Nexus 10.2 is reported to have lesser weight than the first generation Nexus 10 and is slimmer as well. iPad Air measures 9.45 x 6.67 x 0.30 inches, Google Nexus 10 was 10.39 x 6.99 x 0.35 inches. It remains to be seen how Nexus 10 2 would fare against iPad Air design. The rear of Nexus 10 2 will be of plastic body, nothing compared to iPad Air’s sophisticated Aluminium build on the back.

  • Display

 iPad Air has a 9.7-inch screen sporting 2048 x 1536 pixels resolution at 264 ppi. Nexus 10 2 will have the same screen as in the previous generation Nexus, but with a Gorilla Glass 3 coating for protection against scratch damages. The screen will have 2560 x 1600 pixels resolution at 299 ppi. Nexus 10 2 will be ideal for HD viewing as it supports around 16 million colour schemes.

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  • Performance:

iPad Air is powered by dual-core A7 64-bit processor with 1GB of RAM, while Nexus 10 2 will have quad-core Snapdragon 800 CPU, 2GB of RAM and Adreno 330 GPU. iPad Air has a very good battery life, offering around 10 hours of duration that can go up to 12 hours with WiFi. Nexus 10.2 is expected to offer better performance in terms of speed, and battery performance wise it will be at par with iPad Air.

Nexus 10 2 offers extra microSD card slot for expandable storage up to 64GB and more. Apple iPad Air users have to stick with 16-32GB flash storage. The newest Nexus 10 may have 8MP camera and 2.1MP for video calling. 

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Mahak Sharma
Mahak Sharma
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