Google has taken a step forward to make the internet a better place by training online journalists with the standards that they need to follow for presenting news in a better way, reports TechRadar. Google has created its very own News Labs to ensure that the news quality can meet the standards expected by the online readers.

 Google News Labs to train journalists and make internet a better placeMission of News Lab

 In a recent blog post, Steve Grove said that the News Lab aims to collaborate with the entrepreneurs and journalists on how to apply technological innovations in news reporting. The News Lab not just intents to sharpen the skills of the journalists but also serve millions of readers or users across the globe.

According to Grove, both technology and media landscape are evolving continuously and he believes that better information can be created only when the journalists and technologists coordinates with each other.

Though Google News Lab is turning heads, this is not the first time that the company is using technology to serve humans in a better way. It has created an outstanding search engine for accruing information, maps for finding right direction as well as YouTube and Androids. Therefore, it will not be wrong to expect Google News Lab to make online news much more faster and accurate.

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