Apple has brought in some really cool features with its latest iOS 14. However, the list also included certain featues that Android users had been enjoyed for years now. Unsurprisingly, Google couldn’t help and take a dig at iPhone manufacturer over this particular iOS 14 feature.

“iOS 14 will finally let iPhone users place their widgets on the mobile homescreen.”

Much to the relief of iPhone users, Apple finally decided to roll out the features that were long due with its latest iOS version in iOS 14. To be more specific, it has actually been quite some time since Google rolled out Android feature to enable users to add widgets to the homescreen.

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One can only wonder, what took Apple so long?  However, that is definitely not Google’s concern. The search engine giant was rather quick to take an indirect dig at the new iOS 14 Widgets feature, in case you had missed.

Google Mocks the iOS Widgets Delay

Made by Google, Google’s official hardware Twitter handle shared an old screenshot of the Widget feature function on Android.  The image incorporates the Calender widget with two events only teasing the iPhone manufacturer further on a Pixel 4a smartphone. Taking a dig, Google tweeted, “Wait, we’re talking about homescreens now? Here’s ours #Pixel4a.”

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iPhones used to support the basic widgets but customisations only came with iOS 14 and the option to add them to the homescreen. Notably, Google itself has also rolled out Search widget with two designs on the iOS 14. Furthermore, Apple users will now be able to set Google Chrome and Gmail as the default browser and mail application too.

Major iOS 14 Features You Should Know –

Google Mocks Apple

While it did make for a good Google jibe, Apple brings in quite a bunch of improvements and additions with the iOS 14 –

  • App Library to categorically stack up apps
  • Siri’s new drop down shade
  • Pin important conversations to top in iMessage
  • App Clips (iOS equivalent of Instant Apps on Android)
  • Tracking apps for privacy just got easier
  • Apple’s own translation app
  • The new emoji keyboard
  • PiP mode (Picture in Picture)
  • Back Tap to trigger actions
  • Fake Eye Contact for FaceTime

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