Really three cheers to Google Map app,  it is better than ever. The drool worthy Google Map app has an extraordinary interface which gives you turn by turn direction and takes you to the desired place accurately.

The point-of-interest is comprehensive and precise, which gives a whole new meaning to  navigation. What adds a little more flavor to these improved map apps are transit directions.

The only loop hole in this drastically improved map app is that there is no dedicated app for the iPad as there is for Andriod. Though you can use it on the tablet but it gets pixilated when you expand it.

Once you download the app you will be asked to sign in. The reason why Google asks you to sign in so that you get access to your previous searches, plus integration and custom maps.

The interface of the app is a breeze for user. There is bar at the top to search the location and address. As expected keeping the user’s ease in mind Google has given main map window in the center and front. To help you give in depth view of the directions, there is a tab in the lower right side. The detailed and layered view gives you fair idea of toggle traffic, public transit, and satellite views.

The 3D view of the map app is sensational and cherry on the cake is that once you tap on an address or location, you can jump right to street view without leaving the app.