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Google Launches New Pin-Encrypted Safe Folder

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Smartphones have begun to occupy a central position in our life. Not only are they first go-to to reach out for help but also our entrusted secret keepers in the digital world.  But, with all these dependencies unsurprisingly also comes the constant worry of losing your files. Google is thus launching its new Safe Folder proposing to take away all your worries related to files and media on mobile phones.

Google Safe Folder for the company’s Files by Google application will enable users to keep their important work-related files or any other personal files separately in a secured folder. Notably, the Safe Folder will be password protected. It allows users to move all sorts of data into the Safe Folder including documents and files as well as photos and audio-videos. The latest update was first shared by Joris van Mens and Pranay Bhatia, Product Managers at Next Billion Users in a Google blog post.

The post further added that any media or file once secured into the pin-encrypted folder will require users to first enter the 4-digit pin to access these files.  Google is likely to soon launch the Safe Folder feature in the beta versions for Files by Google before going public in the upcoming weeks.

Secure Your Files With Pin-Encrypted Google Safe Folder

Google Launches New Pin-Encrypted

Moreover, it also ensures that the select files cannot be accessed by anyone else on your smartphone. Whenever you switch to any other app, the feature automatically locks the folder. Therefore, it makes sure that the Safe Folder files are no longer accessible when you have stepped away from the app. Though, you may find it a bit annoying but the app will ask you to re-enter your 4-digit pin every time you try to re-open the folder. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about other people stumbling on to your private files.

Mens and Bhatia also noted in their post that sharing gadgets with closed members of the family including children and spouses has somewhat become a cultural experience in many places. This significantly increase the chances of someone else accessing your smartphone and stumbling onto your personal files as well as that of losing them by someone else’ mistake.

New Pin-Encrypted Safe Folder

Therefore, the new feature attempts to minimise the risk of deleting files and media by mistake, especially if your phone is often accessed by your little ones. It has become unavoidable to let your kids use your smartphone. But, a constant worry for the parents continue to be losing their files as both their kids ‘classroom and own office get confined to a single gadget.

As per a testing report by Android Police files begun to disappear from other apps once they were moved to the Google’ Safe Folder. Moreover, it is also worth noting that you’ll lose all your Safe Folder Data if you clear/ delete the app. Thus, don’t forget to safely move files before uninstalling app.

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