You might have taken pictures of your food and posted on social media, just to show off your cooking skills or to boast off your ‘food knowledge’. But this time you would be forced to take many more pictures of the food you eat because Google is coming up with a ‘killer app’ that will count the calories in the dish by simply looking at the food pic, as confirmed by Techradar.

Google to launch ‘im2Calories’ to count calories looking at food picsIsn’t it interesting to know how many calories are going into your belly? All you have to do is to simply click a picture of your food and use the app named ‘im2Calories’. Using the physical qualities of the food, the app would suggest the calories present in it.

Although the app is still in early phase of development and Google doesn’t have any plans to introduce it soon, it seems Kevin Murphy, the research scientist of Google couldn’t hide his excitement. He talked everything about the impending app at the Rework Deep Learning Summit. “If we can do this for food, that’s just the killer app,”, he said.

However it is not sure that this app will be available on Android M or not, but it will be most likely to turn up on Android N.