According to a latest report by market research firm eMarketer, Google Inc is not only the major search giant but also the biggest earner in the US online display ads.

Cementing its foothold in the online advertising, Google emerged as the leader in all categories including search and mobile.

As per eMarketer, a digital advertising research firm, Google stays at the top in the market of online display advertising and accounts for around $2.31 billion in revenues, covering 15.4 percent of display ad market this year.

With this report, Google stays ahead of Facebook Inc in display, followed by Yahoo! Inc, Microsoft Corp. and AOL Inc.

Most of its success accounts for the growth of advertising on YouTube along with Admob-Google’s mobile advertising service.

The eMarketer report also indicated that there will be an increase of 21.5 percent in the overall US display ad market, which will grow to $14.98 billion from $12.33 billion in 2011.

This revelation means Google has more share than any other firm in each of the US search, display and mobile advertising markets.

Following the news, online display ad revenue of Google will rise 38 percent.

Facebook Inc will claim $2.16 billion in US display ad revenues this year, up 24.4 percent from billion last year. Facebook’s share will be 14.4 percent.