Apple has once again filed a suit against Samsung seeking $2 billion in damages. The iPhone maker has said Samsung has violated five of its mobile software patents. Yet again, a battle of the giants will be fought at a San Jose courtroom. However, Samsung has said that it has licensed 4 of such features as a part of the Android operating system of Google. This has dragged Google into the big fight.

google vs apple vs samsungApple and Samsung are leaders in the smartphone market and they have been in a tough fight in sales for the last couple of years. Together, both of them are accountable for maximum profit generated in the smartphone market. However, it’s important to consider here that a major part of the fight is due to their operating systems—Apple’s iOS versus Google’s Android OS. The world is divided between Google and Apple because their dominant operating systems provide them control over applications that smartphone users tend to spend their maximum time on.

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Google is known to be working extremely hard on these technologies before Apple actually filed the patents. However, if Apple does win the case, Google would have to make significant changes to its operation system.

If Samsung loses the battle and the verdict goes in favor of Apple, it would be banned from selling of any kind of infringing products. This could actually force Google to make a few changes to Android Applications.

For the sake of assisting to defend Samsung, Google engineers will soon be expected to take a stand for contradicting arguments of Apple that it copied new ground with the latest iPhone.