The much awaited Google I/O is barely some time away on May 28 and we are anticipating two major announcements on the big day. The conference might be a networking event for developers but we are eagerly looking forward to see updates on Android.

Google I/O To Unfurl Latest Updates For Android And Wearable Tech For FutureAndroid M might just be on its way and we are looking forward to see if there is at least some sneak peek into the upcoming interface or design.  In addition, the “Notifications, Interruptions and Volumes: Coming Attractions” session for the event might give us a look into how Google is working on the notifications on Android for the coming times. 

Next up, on our list of expectations is the wearable story. The Google Fit session could give us peeks into the future of fitness wearables and activity monitoring.

Add to this an interesting session on Smart Lock and we could understand an all new way of locking or unlocking our phones. As for the event participants’ promise—they will feature new-age wearable that comes with smaller compact sizes but pack in more than a punch. Stay tuned into this space for more updates on the event besides coverage of the much awaited Project Tango that had details set to unfurl on I/O Day.