Google India has launched a new website dedicated to COVID-19 related scams and other online security risks. It informs the audience about several online scams and risks that they need to be wary of.

The site also describes the different kinds of scams that hackers are employing to target users during the pandemic. Additionally, it also shares tips and preventive measures that users can take to protect themselves in the online space. Moreover, the new website also includes language support for regional languages including Bangla, Telugu, Tamil, and Marathi.

Google has said in an official statement that its Threat Analysis Group has detected a large number of new scams in recent times. Notably, the group has identified several scams and malware built around the current coronavirus pandemic itself.

Stay Cautious From COVID-19 Related Emails

These also include a range of phishing emails personating as messages from NGOs, notices for healthcare professionals, or administrative directions for ‘Work from home’ employees. The phishing emails usually attempt to either collect donations impersonating as non-profit organisations or spread malware.

Furthermore, several other malware embedded sites also posed as sign-in pages for social media platforms, corona maps, or healthcare organisation. Notably, Google AI tools have detected more than 240 million spam messages and around 18 million daily malware and phishing attempts around COVID-19 in the last two weeks.

As a large part of coronavirus related spam attacks have been via. phishing emails, users must evaluate any COVID-19 themed email before clicking any links. Furthermore, users should particularly be cautious against anyone requesting for home addresses, passwords, or bank details. Moreover, Google has also suggested users validate and verify any suspicious links before clicking.

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Google has claimed to block over 99.9 percent of these scams and phishing attempts. Additionally, Chrome’s in-built security system also alerts users against these scams.  Google has added that it will continuously monitor online security threats around COVID-19 and alert users with its new website.