Since the time I got hands on the Google Chromebook for $250 , I have been wishing for time to fetch me the sequel soon. And now that it is out, I am not too sure if all my prayers were worth it after all. My Chromebook gave me immense pleasure to surf like a breeze and all my cribbing for more disk space found oblivion with its awesome app support. With Google Chromebook Pixel- its younger sibling—the price climbed upped by about five times from the Chromebook, yes. But what does it actually bring for me? A stylish looking metal body for starters—sexy, slim and crisp. A great track pad, for the main course and the awesome light display as per wake or sleep mode—for the dessert! However, is that all I would get at the bank breaking tag?

On closer thought, I fell in love with its high resolution display bit—239 pixels/inch—wo ho—that could even beat the Retina Display from Apple. Before I forget, the Pixel comes with TOUCH. How could it not, no that we are in 2013! Honestly, this ups the funk quotient but reduces the functionality for users like me. I mean, with the websites as they are today, why would I drool on the touch feature for work purpose.  It merely adds to the weight. How I wish for a breezy laptop! The Pixel stands at 3.3 pounds. The bottom line remains that the Chromebook Pixel comes sans a DVD drive, hard drive et al. I just had to suffice with USB 2.0 ports at a time when most laptops have USB 3. For me the Pixel is not extravagant—it is flamboyant!