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Google Glasses: The Good; The Bad; The Ugly

The tech world is ablaze with excitement and hullabaloo about Google Glasses. So what exactly is the Google Glass? Read on as we explore into the territory.

Starting with the basic meaning, Google Glass is created to place all the data that computers and other devices can store in front of user’s eyes.

Built into spectacles, Google Glass holds a camera, display, touchpad, battery and microphone, used to take pictures, search or translate while on foot or anyplace.

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Based on the principle of reflector sight, Google Glass offers ‘heads-up display’ that places data in users’ field of vision.

The display is same as viewing from a distance of eight feet at 25-inch HD screen. Rumor suggests Google will offer 640 x 360 resolution in the Glass with a built-in 5-megcamera camera at 720p. Using the camera, users can capture shots of what they see in the first person.

One arm of the frame holds a microphone and touchpad, which can be touched for the action. However, users can also talk to the device to give commands.

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The bone-induction technology built-in the device offers sound commands.

Take it to video conference or use it for directions by pairing with an Android phone- Google Glass does it all.

On being connected with Wi-Fi, the device sports DNNresearch, which can decode the words spoken by users into their own language on the display. It also sports Bluetooth connectivity and Micro USB cable.

Various developers are working on to make some cool apps for the Google Glass including the one that lets users identify their friends in a crowd and one that lets them read out an email.

With 16GB of flash memory, the device offers 12GB for user storage. With replaceable and adjustable nosepads, the Google Glass is lightweight and strong.

Google will offer the device in choices of five colors such as Charcoal, Tangerine, Shale, Cotton and Sky.

However, considering all pros, let’s consider some cons too.

Google Glass is expected to be a little tricky when it comes to privacy. For others, being filmed by someone who’s wearing the glass could be uncomfortable. Also addition of facial recognition feature could be problematic. Nonetheless, look for a blinking light as that indicates that the user is either filming or taking a picture on the Glass.

Expected to cost $1500, the Google Glass is expected to hit the market by 2013 end.


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