Google appears to have taken a page right out of a sci-fi novel for this new innovation. Google Glass, a device that looks like a regular pair of glasses, but with all the functionality of a smartphone will most likely be launched by the end of this year. And though it comes with a steep price tag of around Rs 80,000, for what it does, we can’t help but be amazed!

So what all can you really do with Google Glass? Oh, just about any of the regular stuff you depend on your smartphone for – sending SMSs (through voice commands), click pictures, record videos, et al. Google Glass can also double up as your GPS/navigator buddy by giving you directions to get around town as well as all the latest information about each place you visit.

It uses Augmented Reality to give you this information. All you have to do is look at a certain building through the glasses and your Google Glass will pull all information off the web about what you are looking at. For now, app developers can get their hands on this nifty gadget and play around with it to come up with new apps for it. And by the end of the year, the future’s coming down to meet us.