Google Gifts 3 Experimental Photo Apps to iOS and Android Users


To help users explore the potential of mobile photography, Google, as a part of their “appsperiments” program, has launched three new photography applications: Storyboard, Selfissimo! and Scrubbies. These experimental photo apps are created as a part of Motion Stills app and will help users to try experimental stuff like person segmentation, object recognition, stylization algorithms, efficient image encoding, and decrypting technologies. The apps were launched in lieu of Android fans who wanted an app for sharing smooth GIFs after Motion Stills was launched.

Google’s Three Experimental Photo Apps

Storyboard – For Android


Available for the Android users, Storyboard is designed to help users to convert a video into single-page comic layouts. With Storyboard downloaded, users will not need any other device apart from their mobile device to transform videos in to comic layouts. All that is required is to capture a video and transport it to  Storyboard which will automatically select exciting video frames, lay them out, and then apply one of the six visual styles to make it more interesting and fascinating.


Selfissimo! – For iOS and Android


Selfissimo is available for both Android and iOS users. This experimental app by Google serves as an automated selfie photographer that clicks a classy black and white photo each time you pose. With this app, a picture will be clicked every time you pose. The session can be ended by tapping aon the screen and the images can be reviewed on a resulting contact sheet. With this awesome app, users can not only save individual images but also the entire shoot.


Scrubbies – For iOS-only


Google’s experimental app Scrubbies is iOS exclusive and allows users to influence the speed and direction of video playback. This app by Google helps users create video loops that not only highlight actions, but users can also capture funny faces along with replaying moments. This app is unlike the Boomrang app of Instagram as it allows users to swipe on the video to create a remix of it.

The Android version of Motion Stills will be available before iOS 11. It is packed with which features like live photo editing, bouncy effect, long exposure effect amongst others the android version is equipped with the ability to trim the video in order to make it more exciting and captivating. These useful and useable mobile photography experiences, using experimental stabilization and rendering technologies, will no doubt help convert short videos into cinemagraphs and time lapses.