Google Fingerprint Verification Comes to Websites

google fingerprint verification

Using a Google login to access websites, apps and services is a done thing these days. So when a Google fingerprint verification facility arrives, it makes all the sense. In the past, we have seen fingerprint verification on smartphones such as the iPhone. In fact, iOS also offers the facility of face ID verification to download apps. Now, the California-based search giant will allow us to log in with the help of a Google fingerprint verification.

google fingerprint verification on android devices

All about the Google fingerprint verification

In a blog, Google has said that owners of Android devices will be able to access this fingerprint authentication technology. Google has never used biometrics so closely into its systems. With this breakthrough, they should be able to offer easier login and faster access to Gmail, YouTube and others. The new system uses  FIDO2, W3C WebAuthn and FIDO CTAP standards, which makes password management simpler.

This is the first time such a facility will be available to web applications. Earlier, one could sign in with the help of a prompt on the phone to login. However, the latest Google fingerprint verification will make the login process much simpler.

In the blog, Google has said, “An important benefit of using FIDO2 versus interacting with the native fingerprint APIs on Android is that these biometric capabilities are now, for the first time, available on the web, allowing the same credentials be used by both native apps and web services.”

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